Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Are inflatables safe in rain or wind?

    • Inflatables are safe in mild winds up to 15 miles per hour. On days where moderate winds are expected, we will provide a handheld wind meter so that you can ensure the inflatable is being operated safely.
      Any inflatable with a bouncy floor should not be used at all in the rain or when wet. Some of our inflatables such as the Mega Escape Room do not have vinyl floors, so they can be operated in light rain.
  • Do you have insurance?

    • Yes. We carry $2 Million dollars in general liability commercial insurance for our inflatables.  Contact us for coverage information.
  • Can I wear prescription glasses while on an inflatable?

    • Due to the safety concerns of all guests, even prescription glasses are not permitted while on a bouncing inflatable. The restrictions for glasses and any jewelry is to protect the safety of the guests much more than any concern for equipment damage.
  • How do I know my inflatables are installed safely?

    • All our operators and assistants have completed training created by the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (S.I.O.T.O) which is a nationwide industry standard organization for ensuring safe operation of inflatables,

Service Area and Delivery

  • What areas do you serve?

    • We serve Western Loudoun County, Eastern Clark County, and some of South Jefferson County, MD. Contact us if you are outside of our normal service area and would like us to serve your next event, however an increased delivery charge may apply.


  • What should I expect on my delivery date?

    • We will contact you before your event to discuss our arrival time and the location that the inflatable is to be located. We will typically arrive between 2 hours and 30 minutes before your event.
      Once we arrive, our operator or assistants will inspect the area where the inflatable is to be located to ensure safety of guests and equipment. After the location is determined, we will setup and secure your inflatable. Small or medium inflatables typically take 15-20 minutes to setup, while our larger inflatables take about 30-45 minutes.
      Safety is our #1 priority at Loudoun Mega Events, so after setup we must meet with the renter and persons responsible for supervising the equipment as we go over safety procedures and review our safety guidelines, liability waiver, and rental agreement.
      Once the equipment is safely setup and paperwork is complete, unless you have a rental that includes an operator, we’ll leave you to the fun!
  • Are operators available for my rental?

    • Most of our Mega Inflatables (Mega Escape Room, Mega VR Experience) include an operator as part of the rental. Other rentals may include an operator at an additional cost.
      All our operators must pass a national background check which includes checks from the domestic watch list, sex offender, and nationwide criminal database search. All operators and assistants have completed training provided by S.I.O.T.O (Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization) which is the industry standard certification to ensure operators are trained in safety, setup, and operation of inflatable attractions.
      Please contact us if you would like one of our professional operators included with your rental
  • How long are your rentals?

    • Almost all of our inflatable rentals are for 6 hours. Most of our Mega Inflatables (Mega Escape Room, Mega Virtual Reality Experience) are for 3 hours. These times do not include setup or take down. Specific times may be seen on the Specification tab of the product page.
      Contact us if you would like to extend your rental time prior to your event.
  • Can inflatables be setup indoors or on concrete?

    • In order to ensure safe operation, inflatables must be secured by straps or tethers provided by the manufacturer. If your location does not permit the use of ground stakes, we must use sand or water bags to secure your rental (even indoors).
      Unfortunately due to the hundreds of pounds of bags that must be delivered, we have to charge an additional fee when sand or water bags are used.
  • Do you have discounts for multiple rentals?

    • We do! Check out our combos or birthday party collection. If those don’t fit your event, we offer discounts on rentals of 3 or more inflatables. Contact us for more information.