1.     Adult Supervision is required at all times.

2.     No one shall operate, supervise, or enter any equipment if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other legal or illegal drug or substance that could impair judgement.

3.     Supervisors shall remove any guest that refuses to follow any of these safety guidelines.

4.     Only adults are allowed to operate any concession equipment.

5.     Only groups of similar age or size guests may play in an inflatable at the same time. 

6.     Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants, and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in any inflatable at any time.

7.     Anyone entering an inflatable with any inflatable flooring must remove items such as glasses, dangle earrings, anklets, bracelets, belts, shoes, and any sharp or bulky items that may reside in pockets. This is to protect the guests more than the inflatable!

8.     No food, drinks, or animals inside of any inflatable device.

9.     No climbing on walls or any exterior part of the inflatable.

10. No flips, fighting, stunts, or other dangerous play allowed on any inflatable.

11. No markers, paint, face paint, ‘Silly String’, or other materials allowed that may damage the equipment.  ‘Silly String’ types of spray string will permanently damage equipment, resulting in costly repair or replacement fees.

12. Do not move any inflatable equipment, straps, stakes, or tie downs unless instructed to do so by a representative of Loudoun Mega Events.

13. In the event of heavy wind, immediately remove all guests from any inflatable equipment and deflate the device.